Hi, I'm Alex (Lowell) Martin

This is a place for me to catalog things I find interesting. My hope is that some of it is useful to you too.

A bit about me

  • My background is in analytics / data science
  • My wife and I run a small team called Martin Home & Land at Twelve Rivers Realty in Austin, TX.
  • I hunt for land opportune for development. Primarily for master planned communities and industrial sites.
  • I am wildly interested in land, its resources, all of its applications, and the economics of making use of it.
  • More recently, I've formed a fascination with geospatial data science
  • Here are some other things I have a growing interest in:
    • Financial analysis across a wider set of instruments
    • Quantitative research / applied mathematics / machine learning
    • All things modeling and simulation
    • Economics & economic development
    • Community and regional planning
    • Resilient, redundant, and sustainable utility delivery systems / critical infrastructure
    • Natural resource management and agriculture
    • Hazard preparedness and response
    • Building strong towns
  • You can find me on LinkedIn at @alexlmartin
  • You can find me (newly) on Twitter / X at @lowellresearch

Want to see how I can help with your site selection needs? Get in touch.